Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's all about not being a target

This is my newest page for my art journal. Its all about women not being targets for anyone. I love creating these art journal pages, its still about art but its like creating a scene. Well it was back to work today and the usual routine....after the long weekend its hard to get back in routine. I have exciting news to tell, I have won a framed print of my favourite artist Karine Swenson, (see the side of my blog) go there you will see what I have won. I put my name in and won. I am not that lucky so I did my happy dance, can hardly wait to get it. Well times ticking have to check my fabourite sites and then hit the sack. Will talk to you all tommorow...


  1. oh you lucky ducky you!!! well done...I took a look at Karens site and her art is just great...that painting you won is really nice! I shall have to keep an eye out on her sight for the next competitioon or give away.

  2. Congratulations of winning! I can imagine how you felt, I'm not a winning person either! So enjoy it when it comes in the mail.
    Just looked at your journal creations, I can tell you have a blast creating them! Keep on going and thanks for sharing! Had to smile at the 'men' one! ;)


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