Monday, December 17, 2007

Camel Travel...

Alright I know these dont look to much like a camel, but I have never been on one, so this is my rendition. I have been thinking, that I am going to take some pictures of my studio and show you where I work. I always wonder what kind of space everyone has to create in. I love looking at other peoples studios. I am cleaning it up first it is a total mess. Well its my plan to get to bed early tonight so I am off talk to you tommorow. Oh I recieved a surprise in the mail today. Patti set me a beautiful present I will post the pictures of it on my blog. It is to beautiful to explain, the picture will show you...


  1. Oh I love the Camels!!! They sure look like they are Camles, at least I saw it. The whole page is so beautiful and so festive....couple more days.....looking forward to see your Studio ;)

  2. I love the camels and think they look very camelly. I am so enjoying your look at Christmas, keep up the good and very inspirational good work.

  3. Love that song....and I think your camels are just great.

    I would love to see your studio. Mine is such a mess right now but I've posted it several times in the past. Seeing where others create always helps me come up with new ways to organize mine.


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