Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A time to remember....

This is a poem that I wrote about a Christmas past in my life.


  1. I feel your sense of loss and am shedding a tear here, as my year has been filled with loss too. Its one of the saddest and hardest times of the year I think for people who have had a loss like yours. Glad you said it, I said something similar on my blog today too...isnt that a coincidence? I think I am feeling it more as christmas time approaches.

  2. ps..after all that...forgto to add..liked the poem very much.

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I also miss Delta and wished I had that kind of relationship with my sister
    missing all of you now at this time of year thinking of all of you all tell Auntie I miss he greatly
    love you all
    cousin Kathy

  4. Your poem is beautiful. What wonderful memories our loved ones left us to treasure forever. Christmas is also hard for me even after 35 years (how can it be that long since I last saw her) time goes, things change but memories last forever.


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