Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 12 and still going....

Well here is day 12, my angel looks like he has had a few....Should he be flying....Well the weather outside is not delightful, the shovel had been getting a good workout, had dinner with my pals and had a good time, I needed to do that being kind of down this week. Having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit....


  1. I think this one is my favorite, so far! I just love the colors.

  2. I like the warm colours Lee and the angels hair looks textured..really good. Is this the last one in the series then? hope it isnt!

    Cant say the spirit of christmas is doing it for me here either! oh well... maybe next year...

  3. Lee, I have just joind a journalling group - would u be interested in joining it? No offence if you dont journal! I will advertise this group on my blog soon....might be a good way of voicing those blahs for me anyway! look out for the post or email me via the blog! cheers krissie


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