Monday, December 03, 2007

December 3-Mary did you know

Well I created all of these last year I think I did 25, I challenged myself every night to create one, I am telling you I will not do that for awhile. A new set maybe next year, but starting earlier thatn December. I will also post any new pieces of art that I do. I am still working on my art journal. The blocks I have put away for now, I get obessive and cant do anything else so I put them anyway so I can stew over them and try and picture them.


  1. so thats where youve been - busy in your studio!!! WB!! I dont know how you managed time wise to fit all that art in over one of the busiest times of the year??

    I like the bird piece but the mary one made me both really good.
    I have given up on any art right now unless I post in stuff done ages ago..will go back to it after chrissy.

  2. Another fantastic piece. I really like this idea.


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