Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is over and the studio is on display

I am back and all the christmas frenzy is just about over. I have taken down my trees and decorations I know early but I like a clean clutter free house. Now I have also did the same in the stuido. I had a declutter this week . Spent all week getting rid of stuff I will never use, organizing the cupboards and drawers. They were not functioning the way I wanted to work. This arch is how you enter the studio, I also share space with the treadmill, which keeps calling me to use it, but I havent answered that call in awhile, New Year coming...

I am lucky to have space to do what I want to away from the family and be able to leave out my mess if I want to, which is very often, I am not a tidy artist. The white cabinet which I really cleaned out I got at IKEA and it is really a handy cabinet.

I cut big watercolour paper on the cabinet with the cutting mat, it is just the right height.

Well that is my studio and the drawers hope you like the tour and I would love to see yours.


  1. Lee - I am envious - you have a wonderful set up there that I can only view with green eyes!! really have the right place to do some serious art! I have a tiny desk and it crams up pretty quickly...I can dream of ahving a space like yours...

    ps glad you had a great christmas, are u doing anything special for new years?

  2. Oh, your Studio is wonderfull, Lee! Thanks for sharing the fotos. I know what you mean with declutter. I have to do that once in a while too. Feels kind of refreshing to get rid of old never be used stuff and cleaning up some messy corners. Last year I had all the Christmas Deco down by New Year's Eve, but this year it will be after New Year's I take it down, didn't had the time really yet and it's not bothering me that much this year to have it still up. So, I guess see you next year, Have a Happy New Year Start!!!! ;)

  3. Your studio is so organized! I have never seen such pencil drawers. Didn't know a place for pencils could look so cool and neat. I am impressed! Enjoy your cleaned up space!

  4. Lee I'm sorry I missed these lovely pictures of your studio they would have inspired me sooner to clean my own studio. Thanks for the inspiration.


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