Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 a new year...a new begining

Well usually every year I make a few New Years resolutions and keep some and don't keep others. So this year I am making only 1 resolution (to make every day count as if its my last). I am going to live my life like that. 2007 had a few memorable highlights.

1. Sofie (the dog) came into our lives and now what would we ever do without her.

2 My daughter started College last year and likes it.....

3. I created more in my studio and was happy with most of it.

4. My mother is still in reasonably good health and is happy.

5. My three best friends has been with me through thick or thin

6. Spent a week in Phone nix with my daughter re-connecting

7. Saw my younger sister two different times in 2007 (she lives in a different place)

8. Met some wonderful supportive people on my blog and other blogs.

9. Received some beautiful art from Karine and Patti (two talented artists)

10. Was happy....

For 2008 I want to accomplish some things artiscally
1. Want to take some life drawing classes at the University
2. To learn more about mixing paint colours
3. To make my own stencils(I am fascinated with stencil art or street art)
4. To paint more canvases
5. To be happy with what I create

This list will evolve over 2008 and I will add to it. I am going to post it in the studio and at the end of 2008 I will report if I have accomplished all that I want to do.....


  1. Lee...
    Happy New Year!!
    Starting the New Year with affirmations and art!!
    You can get to the new site from there!! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Happy New Year Cous
    I hope you are all doing well
    we are all good and Healthis with us email me as I have lost you home email
    give my love to Auntie
    Love Cousin Kathy

  3. I'm so late but Happy New Year anyway!! It sounds as if you had a pretty good 2007 so here's wishing you an even better 2008! I'm so happy I "met" you this past year. I've thoroughly enjoyed your art and your blog and look forward to more of each this year.

  4. good beginnings to a new year! more art??? oh yes please - youre stuff always inspires!!

  5. Sandy1:41 PM

    Good for you Lee....I wish you only the best in 2008 ...enjoy your art and things that bring you happines and peace! ....my life is better with you as a best friend...

    love you,


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