Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Postcards from HOME

This challenge is from Jen Wordens blog (over the side there is a link) I love her blog and this challenge was for January 11, 2008 so I am a little late, does not matter had fun doing and am going to do the one that she is doing now. It makes me get up and create......It looks a little like me........I made myself thinner, artist progrative.

Weekly Art Challenge - #1
Trolling the web during the pre-Christmas rush I happened upon Summer Pierre’s idea for a Christmas newsletter. Loved the idea but couldn’t scrounge up the time to get one done. However, I thought it would make a lovely postcard for the New Year, sending to those I neglected to send a Christmas card to or those that sent ME one and I didn’t reciprocate. I LOVE postcards and often keep them on my fridge for month’s at a time. What could be more fun than having a fridge full of friendly faces looking back at me for the remainder of the year?!?

The Challenge: Create a self-portrait - draw, ink, photograph, whatever makes your muse happy - add some newsy-type notes. Did you do something stellar last year that you want to tell everyone about? Add that. Make some resolutions? Add those. Have a funny story? Jot it down. Like to doodle? Give’er. The key here is to HAVE FUN! And make it all about YOU. Then colour copy (or hey! feeling extra ambitious? make’em all originals!) them onto postcard sized cardstock and send them out into the world.


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