Monday, January 07, 2008

It's not a resolution it is a life choice....

Ok i did not make a resolution to lose weight because if I did that then it would not work. So I am making a life choice to get healthy. Starting wish me good luck
I received this book today in the mail and am excited to read it, I plan on doing something different this year and really want to try something like this......Well got to go, its late and the puppy is trying to escape from her kennel....


  1. I wish you the best luck for your life choice - a great one, actually. Although I (fortunately) don't have wight problems, I'm concerned about my health and I found out that keeping plenty of fruit and vegetables in the house and very little quantities of cookies, chocolates and the like, are the best way to achieve it. Whenever I feel like eating something between meals, I'm more likely to lay my eyes on something healthy...

  2. Getting healthy is a much better choice than simply losing weight. I don't know if you read her blog or not but Dot at My Life, My Values, My Art did the same thing last year and has had much success. She is an inspiration in so many ways.

    That book looks very interesting! I'll be looking forward to your "review" and what you learn from it.

  3. this book looks interesting and I will be following your progress with it with interest... have you done anything with it yet?

    Pequette has good advice, but when I got lots of chocs for chrsitmas and other snacks its hard to do anything about it isnt it? we too..dh and I need to eat more healthy!

  4. Good luck with your life choice, Lee! I find that it helps me to get outside every day to walk the dog. Interesting how I also "get walked" when I do that!

  5. Lee...
    Keep your intention strong...and watch out for thorns! You are an extremely strong willed woman, just keep knowing that...Blessings to you for this the 9th day of the year...and my affirmations will be with you on Tuesday...

  6. I have that book too and it's a treasure one. So many ideas in it and inspiration!!!! Enjoy reading it and trying out new projects ;)


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