Thursday, January 31, 2008

Designing Women...

Ok I admit when I was younger much younger I wanted to be a designer. Now all I want is to get the figure correct in a painting or a drawing. That is why I decided I needed more practice is this area. Also I was practising with colour and water colour. So here is the practice drawing and painting that i did in my art journal. I am reading the most interesting book from the Library on Monoprints made with geletain molds. I am going to give it a whirl. Also got a book on making my own stencils I am fascinated with stencils for some reason and want to make my own. Ok that is enough from me tonight. Talk to you all tommorow.


  1. It's good to have so many plans. I like your figures and the textures you achieved. What media are you using? I used to be really, really bad at figure drawing, until I started sketching my two daughters. Live sketching and practicing a lot has really made a difference. I also find it useful to draw from TV (eg. sports broadcasts, where, although moving, they film the same person for a while).

  2. Hi Lee,

    Beautiful piece! I love how you used complementary colors. Very vibrant. :)


  3. I like the figues which have that slightly surreal quality about them. I'm looking forward to seeing your stencil work.

  4. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Beautiful piece, the colors are gorgeous!


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