Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Daily Grind....

I dont really have a daily grind...since I retired I feel like i am on a holiday. I need routine in my life, that is what work does. Now I am trying to build my life without outside working and get a routine. I have not managed it yet, but will. I need to priortize duties that need to be done each day, accomplish those and also have time for me. I have been feeling like everything lately that I have been creating is not up to parr. I am not looking for compliments from anyone. Dont you ever just look at what you are creating and say I am not an artist. Look at what everyone else out there is doing, I feel like mine is very amertursh. So I decided to try something different and make a few ATC and stretch my limits, try different techniques and see how it goes. Here is my first try. I used Rangers Inks and the Blending soloution and make the backdrop used a stamp I have hanging around and black pen. So what do you think...


  1. lee - Great minds think alike re the ATC. I dont make many but had this one for ages but not shown till this topic came up. I enjoy making them. I did like yours... I love th e way the colours have formed a halo around the lady! v clever! You not an artist? off course you are, you create wonderful stuff and are brave enough to try new things all the time..I think thats what artists do....?? yes? so....that makes you an artist by default!!!
    I'm sure you will fall into a routine v soon with being at home!

  2. I think it's great Lee !And for sure your an artist ! You make beautiful creative stuff and that makes you an artist . And the most important thing is to have fun ! Have a great weekend Lee !

  3. Sandy7:52 AM

    Hi Lee....

    You have a hidden talent that I never knew that you had...and it intrigues me the art that you original and full of life!

    The transition into retirement is not an easy one...over time you will develop a routine that works for you and gives you a balance of "you" time and a sense of accomplishment for the other things in your daily life that also are important...most of all....ENJOY!!!

    love you sister!

  4. Hi Lee...I have been retired almost 2 years and I don't have time to get anything done. I'm sure if I spent less time on the computer I'd get more done but my motto is "I can always do it tomorrow." I'm doing more creative things these days. Check out my website...I'm entirely self taught....learn as you go.


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