Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take Part Tuesday Challenge-Room

I know she looks crooked, that is what happens when I dont use my easel....I decided to put in the words just in case you cant see from the drawing that she is pregnant not just chunky.....Hope you like it.


  1. Lee I check your blog daily and every day there is something new to see - wow where do you get those wonderful creative ideas from??

  2. So fashinating. Great idea.

  3. Hi Lee...thanks for popping by and leaving me the sweet comments...It has been a rough week for us...

    I love popping by your blog and am happy to be back!

  4. Lee,
    I love the picture - and don't think she has to be perfectly centred on the picture anyway - she's perfect the way she is.
    Re the text - It would be better (imho) without it :)
    Great work!!


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