Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Take Part Tuesday - Light

When I thought of light - I thought about Light Houses- A few years ago we went down East where they have alot of light houses - and I think we saw everyone.


  1. Lighthouses have always fascinated me. As a kid I read a book about a girl who lived in one and it stuck with me. I like yours and it's a great interpretation of light.

  2. Wild paintings! You make really bold choices.

    Joe y Elio

  3. oh how cool...I love lighthouses...I painted a huge wall mural at my parent's cottage of a lighthouse and ocean view...and I have been collecting them for my mom for years...

    wonderful work and thank you for the kind words....I hope we get that miracle too....

  4. Great idea your lighthouse!

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Hey Lee
    My husband is from Nova Scotia and he really likes light houses as they remind him of his childhood and I collect them for him
    take care love always your cousin
    Kathy from vancouver

  6. youve inspired me! mentioned you on my blog too! I love visiting light houses, only cant draw them!! yours is great!!


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