Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Green Door-Inspiration Thursday

I was going to take a pass on this week. I did not have any pictures of doors, did not really want to draw one. But I then remembered having some pictures of doors that I had gotten from under the free good section of (Robin Marie) of Paper Bag Studios blog. I love all her photographs. I decided to take the door concept further and that really the door is a metaphor for Life. Then the I cooked up a story in my mind ,that this was left on the door by a woman who tried to explain her lover why she was leaving. I am quite the philosopher (lol). Well I am also a poet (not a great one) but I love poetry all kinds and I write it. Not many of my poems see the light of day, they are usually all stuffed in a folder. But I really thought about how this one fits the door topic. Since you probably cant read it, look below:

The Changeling

I am who I am nothing more
I choose who I am when I walk through the door
I could be the girl that you openly adore
I could be the girl who is a total bore

I change as fast as winter to summer
I can freeze you in a glance or make you melt like butter

You still chase me like a hunter after his prize
I dont want you, cant you see the pain in my eyes

The time for us was to short to brief
Like a bolt of lightning we both felt the heat

This was an affair of twof hearts and minds
We both knoew it was just a matter of time
Life moves more quickly than you and I
We drifted apart and were helpless to understand how and why

Take this memory of me and work it around in your mind
Think of me as a toy who is not quite sound
A part missing and always clanking around

I am known as a changeling
A girl with no hear and no mind
Who loves and leaves them on a whim or a dime


  1. Lee you are incredibly talented, art, now poems, wow keep showing us more work from those folders, this poem certainly said something to me... its quite a sad one really, well thats how I understood it. More ...please....

  2. So beautiful. Good thing you did not pass after all.

  3. Awesome. All of it. Isn't it amazing how certain images (doors, and for me, birds) find us becoming storytellers? Keep up the writing, too, wowza.


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