Monday, May 26, 2008

We need a little help from you....

I was contaced by Jillian a fellow blogger about helping out her family, by creating a star. Now you ask why would she want you to create a star. I read her email (below) and was intriqued went to her site and read her blog (see sidebar under Jillian will take you to her site). She is teaching her children about the holocaust, and in the process making us remember......that genocide exists and still does today. So I am going to create that star and send it to her, and it will also be for the millions of people who have lost someone they love... So why dont you go over to her site and look at her blog and maybe you to will be inspired to do something good today.

have been coming to your blog for awhile now. I thought I would write
you aquick note to see if you would be interested in helping. I'm doing a
little home school project with my kids. We want to build a small Holocaust memorial in our front yard, so that my kids can remember all the Jews that lost their lives. We are asking people to send us “stars.” Any kind of star, made from
anything you wish. These stars will symbolize the lights that went out due to the
Holocaust.If you are interested in doing this please let me know... I'll email
you ouraddress.


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