Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A tour through the artist's studio

This is a few pictures of the studio, the studio is on the lower level of my house, or some call it the basement , because it is the basement.  Anway we finished it off a few years ago so the shopper could have a little privacy and the artist (me) could have a studio.  So down in basement is the shoppers bedroom, bathroom, this room for hanging around in, and a bar area, that I did not take a picture of, as well as the artist's studio.

This is a picture of upstairs where I got new hardword and a new area rug....


  1. Hey Lee! Great job of organizing. Love the new floor and the new rug!

  2. Love your are definitely more organized than I am.

  3. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I love your studio - hey what a wonderful set up neat and tidy and all ready to create! thanks for sharing I loved looking in!


  4. Lee, you have a great studio space. I love that purple face on the clipboard! Fantastic work!!

    PS - love love love the new rug. It looks beautiful on the new wood floor.


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