Thursday, December 03, 2009

Do you Like Christmas Carols.....

Ok I know it is not the 3 of december....but when I did this one a couple of years ago I liked it and I like it now.  A couple of years ago I did a book of christams drawings and such for 24 days, I think it was a challenge.  Boy was that a mistake, never do something like this if you
a.  are not organized for christmas already So needless to say I will not be doing anymore like this in the month of December.  I think was even working then. So every now and then you will see a few christmas drawings might not be on the correct day,

Now back to my title, do you like Christmas Carols.  I do in small small does, like Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and thats it.  Back to requalr programming after that.  We have a radio station here, that I usually listen to in the car, starts December 1, and ends December 31 playing nothing but Carols.

Ok today is a go day, I am getting my Christmas things up from the lower level (basement) sorting and putting things out.  Maybe the Christmas Tree, I also have a thing about the Christmas Tree I take it down on Boxing day (26) and christmas is gone from the house.  I do love Christmas, it sounds like  I dont.  But I dont want it to linger on to long.  How about you?


  1. First of all, LOVE your new header!!

    As for Christmas carols, I'm like you. Usually by the time Christmas gets here I'm sick of hearing them! I heard Christmas carols in some stores before Halloween!

    I still haven't got the tree up but today HB hung the huge wreath that goes on the front of our house so we have a start.

  2. Anonymous3:48 AM

    yes I did the same challenge and it nearly finished me off!!! never again - is what I say!!! lol...

    but having said that I do love your day 3 pic... its very peaceful looking.


  3. Hi Lee, my decoration is up..the kids love it, now just the tree sometime mid December.
    I do acutally enjoy playing Christmas songs on the piano right now and sing with the kids. It gets me a little more into Christmas mood, since our weather is pretty mild and not wintery at we still hope for White Christmas which we didn't have in years!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  4. I don't really like Christmas carols, they seem to make me melancholy. I've had a lot of losses during the holiday season and somehow the music of the day seems to make it more poignant. I loved your Christmas blogs and all the wonderful illustrations from a few years ago. I understand how hard it is to come up with something fresh and new for your blog once a week never mind every day. Blessings for all the holiday cheer you can muster and I too love the new header!

  5. Sandy8:13 AM

    Hi Lee!!

    I love your new Blog header it is adorable!! ...I love Christmas Carols and in fact at our staff Christmas Celebration last night we all gathered around the piano and sang several of was very nice...and at the moment I am listening to the many carols on my IPOD, which is hooked up to my Tivoli, so great sounds too!..keep warm, I hear that it is a nasty day in the artic there today! Although we do have a skiff of snow, we have green grass peaking out from under! hugs, Sandy

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