Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tiger,Courage and Other Misc items

Well today class (lol) I want to talk about courage. Are you brave? Now I could quote a famous line from that Movie Dirty dancing, no its not "Nobody puts Baby in the Corner. It’s about being afraid. Who knows that line? To tell you truth I am afraid of many things, the older I get. I don’t like snakes, mice, or chipmunks. My family constantly reminds me of a story which I will tell you now. A few years ago we were in Yellowstone, and we stopped at this little pit stop, where you could hike , picnic etc. A bunch of people were milling around, feeding this tame little chipmunk. Not me, because I don’t like chipmunks, and somebody threw a piece of food and it landed on my foot, I bent over to pick it off my shoe and throw it toward the chipmunk, I guess he thought I was going to eat it and he came at me. I see him running toward me and I start running the other way screaming for help. Finally somebody throws the little guy some more food and he stopped and forgot about me. Meanwhile everybody there is laughing at me. Of course my husband got this on video, so every year it pops out and they all have a good laugh. They don't know that I have been chipmunk scarred for the rest of my life.

Now about Tiger Woods, here is my theory. His wife got pissed at him for his alleged affair. They were having a tiff in the house, he decides to leave and gets in his car, and she comes at him with one of his golf clubs, a fitting symbol don’t you think, he trying to get away , after she has broken the back window and the front window and he hits the fire hydrant. Now according to him she was a big help to him If I was her I would have gone in the house......

Well enough stories for today. how is your day going. And what are you afraid of


  1. Good story, Lee! I'm deathly afraid of snakes! That's about it....oh, yeah, and flying.

    I agree that Tiger and the missus were probably having a knock-down drag-out fight. Apparently there was no blood in the car even though his lip was cut and bleeding. Maybe he staged the accident to save face from taking a beating from his wife!!

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  3. Love your painting and I strongly agree with with having the courage to be different. I've never had a problem with that. In my family I was always known as "the weird one".

    As for my fear.....I am terrified of spiders. I could be in a room full of bees and I'd be fine, but one little spider and I freak out!!!

  4. terrified of pretty much the same as you only make that squirrels! snakes and lizards too!

    love the post - it put a smile on my face as did that really good painting!

  5. snakes. don't do 'em, don't want to see photos, no PBS snake specials, NOTHING.

    Tiger. eesh. Yea, I think Elin went at him. If so, she OUGHT to be prosecuted for domestic violence. I mean, if Tiger had done it to her, he woulda been in handcuffs. I don't care what he might've done ...

    but I also DO NOT think he is in any way 'obligated' to tell the public what happened.

    Courage -- I need to think about that. I think I'm brave wearing hats and scarves and headwraps ... but what about the BIG stuff?

  6. Cute art piece Lee! Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad the ATCs arrived safely!

  7. Hi Lee, love your new banner!
    Oh Yes animals can be scray...even little ones. I hate snakes, but good thing we don't have many here in Germany you will see on your way.
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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