Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Sunday Sunday-How can it be...

A Page in Progess

Today was one of those days that you say to yourself, why do I want to make art, why do I do this to myself>  All the doubts and the i am no good, I cant draw, I cant paint..came over me.  All I was doing was doing was trying to sketch, now I sketch all the time, because i think the more you sketch the better you get.  Today nothing worked it looked like a 2 year old could sketch better...I was so frustrated and upset, I put everything away and informed the hubby I was done with it....and he said you know your not, you will have bad days and good days and today is not your day, do someething else and forget about it. So I did, who knew hubby could have such wise wisdom about art, but he does know me..He knows my love of art, colour, he might not always appreciate everything I like, but I dont always like everything he likes.  So I have been touring my fav blogs and finding new ones.  On one blog was the question, does everyone you know , know about your blog?  My answer to that is no, just a few close friends, and my family .  I dont tell everyone i you?

Today the shopper took me out to lunch for christmas, and we had a nice lunch and a nice chat with each other.  Times like this has to be appreciated as they don't happen that often.  I went to the bookstore and browsed around and looked at all the books.  I then went to the Library and picked up the book I had on hold, called French Milk.  Its like a graphic novel.  Its a true story about a 22 year old and her mother who go to Paris for 5 weeks..very interesting, a really fast read.

So with all the frustration I played in my visual journal, and the page in top is in progress, still lots to do, no judging till its done.....How is your sunday going?????


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I think youre pages are just great and maturing in style, I have the exact same feelings as you Lee and once xmas and the holidays are over I'm going to give art some more time, which I have really neglected recently! my art desk is calling me!

    Krissie @ Winterwood

  2. Today was the perfect day to read your husband's message. May we both find our hearts and our minds and some abundance of another sort in the new year. I for one love to see your art and be inspired. Happy Holidays!

  3. Your husband is very wise. It's the same way with writing; good days, bad days, and oh, the insecurity!

  4. Hi Lee! If it makes you feel any better, we all have days like this. Struggle, struggle, ...and then that feeling that all is futile.

    Regardless of those days, art is worth it!

  5. Your husband knows what he's talking about! I know just how you feel but don't give up on yourself. Your art is always so fresh and free and full of life. Don't ever stop drawing!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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