Thursday, April 10, 2014

Its been a bad bad day...

somedays are just bad
today while walking devil dog I fell on the cement
face first, thought I was going to break my nose and teeth
so I turned my head just as my whole body toppled over,
landed on my side and my side of my face.  And then
proceeded to roll into a huge puddle of water, soaked
from head to toe.  To add to my humiliation a bus
full of people, had just rolled in, and they
all ran over to help me.  The bus driver
wanted to call an ambulance.  I managed
to gather my dignity (not a tear came to my eye)
and told them I was fine, and I could make
it home, as it was just around the corner.
So me and devil dog, soaking wet, managed to get home,
and of course this is the day the hubster is not home.
So I made into the house, stripped out of my wet
clothes, and had a good cry.  Got over it, and the injuries
are a sore hand and fingers, not painting hand.  A sore
bruised rib, and I am going to have a huge bruise on
the side of my face.  I could have been worse, so
all is well that ends well.


  1. Oh my goodness!
    I'm sorry, you poor girl, no need to smile! Great painting. : (

  2. OMG!!! you poor thing... some days are like that, and hope your injuries heal soon!

  3. I'm sorry to hear of your accident, but lucily nothing serious happened. Of course it had to happen in front of a jam packed bus, isn't that typical.
    I so much wish you spoke norwegian, then I would have sent you a short story about a woman that fell when leaving the bus. It's so funny written, one can't stop laughing. That story would have put a smile back to your face, for sure. I hope you'll heal soon.

  4. Oh Lee, poor you, that sounds dreadful. Lucky you managed to turn your head in time.... And that bus full of people is just so typical. Hope you get spoiled this weekend, and don't smile when you don't feel like it ;-)

  5. Wendy2:06 PM

    sorry to hear of your fall- I fell the other day also walking the dog- slipped on mud- not fun- hope you feel better and keep arting

  6. Come and join us at Paper Saturdays Lee. We will cheer you up but if you dont want to be cheered up that is OK too. Hugs ManonX

  7. Hi Lee...I hope you are ok. I fell while walking my dog a few years ago and it took me a little while to get over it. Falling while walking your dog must be common...I see the same thing happened to Wendy too.
    Let us know how you are.

  8. Oh dear that's awful.. I hope you're okay and healing fast! If it's any consolation I did that a while back, at a garage sale with my daughter and my best friend. I guess my heel caught on the edge of a broken side walk and I ended up face down....I did the same as you, turned my head so it didn't hit the pavement..(only months before a blogger friends husband died from a fall when he hit his head).. Of course many people saw me I was just so glad the ass end of my dress didn't fly up and give them all a granny panty cellulite mooning! My hand was sore but we carried on with our day just slightly humiliated...and thankful I'd never see those folks again! Seriously though I was just happy not to have hit my head!

    Feel better!
    Hugs Giggles

  9. Oh dear I felt so sorry for you when I read that post. I hope you feel better meanwhile and get well soon! It's great to see that your paint hand works so well! I love this picture!


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