Wednesday, April 02, 2014

She wore a flower in her hair

to celebrate warmer weather I put a flower in her hair
I myself do not wear flowers in my hair
or hairbands or hats and if you have read
this blog for awhile, you know its because
I don't look good in any of those items.
I am off for some work on me today
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and then to the art store
and I have been invited to dinner with friends
 so I must go hope you have a great day


  1. inspired by your last post, today I went to a huge pharmacy outlet and bought some foot cream and some cream for the face thats supposed to blur the wrinkles... can anything be really that good? I'll let you know!

    I wore a flower in my hair in Hawaii only you have to be careful which side you wear it on otherwise it says you are "available"!!!

  2. she's so cute - I love her!!

  3. Adorable...for years I wore things in my hair or on my head, hats, bows, bands you name it! Now I prefer not to draw attention to myself. Outside of an elastic to throw it on my head during a flush, it would be rare if I wore anything in my hair! She's adorable!

    Hugs Giggles


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