Tuesday, April 01, 2014

looking good

do you have those days where you look and feel like crap
when you know you need your haircut and maybe a dye job
when you need you eyebrows waxed
your feet done
and maybe a new shirt
that's what I feel like lately
it seems like I don't take care of myself the way
I used to when I worked, but that's all
changing, because whats the difference if I work or not
I still need to feel good, and so do you, so
I am going out to get these things done tomorrow


  1. good for you, since I stay home and dont work, I am the same as you and when I do all those things for me......... I feel so much better! did you get my email Lee?

    (youve just reminded me - my hair needs a colour top up!)

  2. You go girl! I just did my hair today! Just had a touch of grey...too much for my liking...gone gone gone! I like to think I look decent when I go out...however there are those face stragglers that I may not see...well my daughter always picks up on them at the most inopportune moments! lol

    Cute illustration!

    Hugs Giggles


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