Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's been going on.......

been catching up on  season one of the Vikings (love love it)
been making low fat muffins and banana bread
been savouring last of my turkey and enjoying some delicious homemade turkey soup
been making little booklets for my  Midori Travellers Journal
Been thinking about what needs to be done for my outfit for the wedding out of town in May
been watching under protest Hockey Playoffs
been drawing in my sketch book
been reading an e book on my Ipad
been loving my IPAD didn't think I needed one, boy was I wrong
been watching hubby do yard work in between snow drops
been walking the dog
been back to swimming, bruises are almost healed
that's about it lately, what have you been doing?


  1. I love "true story" lady! Just felt like dropping in on an old friend. So happy to see you're still at it. Congrats on the iPad - so much fun to be had...


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