Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hold that pose....

Last Saturday the shopper and I went to the mall.
Now I don't quite have the stamina that the shopper does, so
I was lagging a little behind.  She wanted to go into
this one store, I had no interest in, so I said, I
will just sit down right here and wait for you
it was a little sitting area, with couches and chairs,
there were a couple of older men waiting for
there wives and me.  So I sat down and that
I should sketch one of these men, so
I brought out this little pad I keep
in my purse and a black pen, and sketched
him, he didn't have a clue what I was
doing.  I  had to sketch  very quickly
before he upped and moved.  The sketch
is not perfect, it was done all in about
4 minutes, but this is how I improve my
drawing skills.


  1. When I was on google reader I thought this was Lynn Cohens sketch at first!! Good for you getting this down so quickly!....I could have written this post verbatim about Unfortunately my mom could have written it about me back in the day when I dragged her around too!! Shopping is for the young!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Lee you did a good sketch in such a short time. I'm sure I could never have done it that good. I was out shopping with a friend yesterday, and I feel outworn today. I'm past shopping as well. I did manage to buy some new papers and white and black gesso though.

  3. Love your impromptu sketch! I like doing that,too, and have only been caught one time and he didn't even yell at me for making his nose so big! Bless him!


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