Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am Back.......

Well I have not blogged for a few days, been busy, been away. I have not done any art and I am feeling like I have not done any for months,,so I need to get back to it starting tomorrow. I made these as gifts for the girls for the weekend, I got the idea from Claudine Hellmuth, she calls them poppets the girls loved them, I made one for me as well. She was just on Martha Stewart showing how to make them, if you go to her site, she has a video on them. We each had to bring handmade gifts. Sandy the jewelry designer made bracelets, beautiful mine is pink picture to come tomorrow. Lois made homemade cookies, ginger um, they came in a homemade bag and some body lotion. Marianne made us birds to hang from the ceiling with a cd as a body (picture to come) and a diffuser, heavenly scents. We had a blast , we went to Calgary which is located on the doorstep to the Rockies. On the Saturday we went to Canmore which is just a hop to Banff right in the Rockies note the picture. We ate, drank stayed up late and generally had a great time. Talked about next year and decided to go further afield and hit either Vegas or Phoniex looking forward to that.....Well tommorow I am going to go do Inspiration Thursday just about time for next week, but want to do it and will start posting again daily...


  1. Those mountains are magnificent! What a view, we dont have anything like that here where we are! wow!

    Glad youre back....and missed your studio postings!

  2. Lee...
    Your pretty sitters are JUST ADORABLE!! I think I might have to have a try at these..they look like great fun!! YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB..How big are they???? Did your friends like them??? I am thinking Christmas...HUMMMMM..... Thanks for posting them!!

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    As I am one of the friends I can tell you we loved our gift. Lee is so talented and it is always a surprise what she gives us. Thank you friends for the great weekend and the wonderful gifts from the heart.

  4. Oh how great is that? Hanging out with friends and gettings art gifts!!!!
    Those frames look awesome!


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