Saturday, September 08, 2007

Studio Friday-Inspiration Map

Do you have your map ready?? The map that has all your dream destinations on it that you want to go to? The map that will show you the way so you don't traipse in the dark or circles? If you do, maybe you would like to show us a tiny corner of it? Where did you draw your map? How did you make it? Did you use colour or a special paper?

Here it is my dream map, places and things you could accomplish only in a dream. Some things are true, I love my blog, I am going to take art classes, and travel to all the places where beautiful art was made so many years ago. My dream is just to go to Guggeheim to see all the beautiful art, but in my mind it would be nice to be good enough to have some art there, you know your own show. As you can see all roads lead to the final destination, to live a happy and creative life. Took awhile but here it is.


  1. I've been waiting to see yours lee...its good...all your dreams mapped out in seeing paris and london. I like the way its all superimposed onto a real map! I like it.

  2. Hey you never know, who knows, someday your art will be in Guggenheim....never give up hope! ;)

  3. I love your map. Aren't you already living a creative life? It sure seems like it, with all the art I have seen posted on your blog!


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