Monday, September 03, 2007

Oh Those Summer Days

Here is a little mixed media that I did last night. I saw the change rooms in magazine loved the colours cut them out and the rest was painted. Hope you like it. Had a really busy long weekend so far, tomorrow last day off then its back to work. Had my anniversary, on Friday, we went out for a really nice dinner last night, and we had my mom over tonight for a bbque. Then we had some furniture for out den sitting in my dining room for the past month, so hubby and Jason (mostly Jason put it together) 10 hours later it is finished and looks fab. Well it is 12:30 and I am tired so am going to hit the to you tommorow.


  1. So summery Lee - youve really captured that summer days look. We used to have beach huts like that in the UK and I always wanted to have one - but we never did! :(

    Today is a warm day so we are getting the first hope of a summer to come soon I hope - for me it cant happen soon enough. Glad you had a nice anninv.

  2. Love those colors! Isn't it great, where inspiration can be found?


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