Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its all about being a free spirit - or trying to be

Art Journal page 2. I went down to the studio to work on Inspiration Thursday, tried a couple of things they totatlly were awful tried to do 4x4 nothing worked. Was going to give up and decided to make myself an journal page and not worry if it was good or bad. I am trying to free myself from being so ridgid in my art and of critiqing myself. So here it is not perfect by any means but after all I am trying to be a free spirit. Now that doesnt mean I am running off to vegas with all the family cash but just a bit more open to more watch out for the new me (or the old me) but I will be here tommorow so I better see you here to.....


  1. Lee I so agree with you about being rigid - I am so like that and need to work on this. I am off to check out this site you mention too...BTW - great piece this!

  2. I have a quote I read recently (don't remember whose it is!) and I have it in my studio...."it's ok to make an ugly page"....that one helps me a lot!

    I think your page is great! I love all the things you wrote on it and you have layers and color and textures....fantastic!!

  3. This is a gorgeous journal page. I love it!


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