Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Off the wall art. Challenge from Anke

This is a small art creation that I did for Anke art challenge
It had to be a certain size, the word flower, and wall, some newspaper and some colour of green in it and this is what I came up with. It was fun, I think you should all go on over there and join, this challenge closes on October 15. Well that is it for tonight talk to you all tommorow.


  1. What a cool piece! You did a great job of incorporating all the required elements. I like the colors and the happy drawing.

  2. another challenge - thanks for the heads up, off to investigate, and have a look...I like your piece,and the colours. Are you still doing studio friday? Dont forget you mentioned you might try the gothic arches too!

  3. Oh this is wonderful! Really, I think you did just as good as me. Most important is that you have fun, experiment with new things and of course you are satisfied with your creation, that's all it matters. That's the reason for me doing those monthly topics. Thanks for joining!!!!


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