Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chipboard Purse for CArds made by Hand

Check this little beauty out made by my friend Sandy. She came over to the studio on Saturday and we both made from scratch this chipboard box. I mean from scratch, told a few hours but well worth the time and effort, Hers looks great, I have not taken a picture of mine yet but will post tommorow. We found a pattern on line and we decided to give it a go. Something new to try .......


  1. This is beautiful, I can't wait to see yours, Lee!

  2. How pretty! Where did you find the pattern online?

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    ...its nice that you posted my purse Lee...but you need to get yours up too! ...I love vibrancy of the colors you chose.....and thanks again for such a fun afternoon!!! ...what are we going to build next Lee??

  4. Hi Lee, you've been tagged! 7 things. Favorite foods, favorite colors, happiest moments, whatever. Just as long as there are seven! Kay?

  5. The chipboard purse is very cool. I would love to get a link to the pattern. I'd love to share it with my scrap board.

  6. Anonymous3:03 AM

    V V pretty Lee, wow! Looking at your blog today youve certainly been busy in your studio... It must have been fun doing it with a friend, chatting and creating! I also enjoyed your tagged game too - more interesting facts about you. I was tagged too but havent done it yet.
    krissie - message in a bottle blog.


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