Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fish Tales

Well I am back as you can see. Creativity at all time low but working on it. This is a little page I did for my art journal, this did not start out as fish but as circles and this is what evolved. It felt good creating again, when I did Inspiration Thursday, so thought I would try my art journal.....If any of you read or saw the movie "how stella got her groove back", sounds good to me, but alas I am happily married so getting my groove back will be a little different. Here's to getting your groove back.


  1. fantastic fish!! what a great havent lost your creativity at all!! go you Lee! this is great!!

  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    This is a super cute page! I Love blue...but your fish are really adorable!

  3. Hi, Lee -- thanks for your comment on my blog and glad we 'met'. I'm so excited by what Carla is doing, and I really want to follow what anyone else does by way of participation.

    Meanwhile, what a vibrant journal page. I was just outside scribbling about how I need to GET OUTSIDE MY JOURNAL BOX, and really play play play. I spent all morning on Christine Adolph's blog and boy do I want to grow up and be as colorful and FREE and alive and vivid. Your work seems very similar, but very unique to YOU. I'll be back in the morning so I can look at more.

  4. oh this is wonderful too!!!


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