Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dry Spell

Well here I am posting with no art to show, and no picture either. I think I might have done this once or twice since I started my blog. I just noticed I have not got a date on this blog that I just redid, I will try and fix that. I had a glorious Easter, the weatther was ok, but lots of resting and cooking for family. My mother was staying the weekend with us and fell. Now if she was 40 no problem but she is nearly 80 so it was a problem. She fell on Friday night and stayed in bed all day and night on Sunday, would not go to the doctor. On sunday she made it downstairs and had easter supper and then I took her home. She wanted to go home, she lives in a seniors home, with no stairs etc. She seems on the mend, a cracked rib, still wont go to the doctor. Other than that we had a turkey for the family , mothers , cousins and had a really nice time. I did not take one picture which is not like me..Well I have hit a dry spell with the art am going down to the studio tommorow to try and create something will keep you informed.


  1. Sorry didnt post in before to wish you a happy easter, but was ill./ Oh your poor mum...hope she is ok and mends quickly. Glad to hear you had a nice easter and with famlily. Sometimes a dry art spell is good and can lead t o more creativity. I havent been in the mood much, and spent most of easter in bed!

  2. Anonymous7:02 AM

    send my best to Auntie that she gets better soon and I am glad to hear you had a good Easter as I also did I took the week before off and spent it with my mom & dad at the farm it was great to spend time with them one on one my youngest was there as he was off on spring break and the rest came on Thursday night for the weekend it was really good say hi to everyone for me
    love always cousin Kathy

  3. I hope your mom is feeling better. What a scary thing to have happen at her age.

    As for the dry spell, I think we all have those from time to time. I think it's a bit like getting our battery re-charged. I'm sure you'll be back creating wonderful art soon.

  4. Hi Lee...hope you start creating some more wonderful art...glad you had a wonderful Easter...


  5. and sorry to hear about your Mom...

  6. LEEE................congrats - youve won the jen worden challenge - thru my window!!!! well done you!!! hope all is ok with you, as you havent posted for while now! congrats!!!!


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