Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Little Indulgences

I was down in the art room tonight watching Project Runway and cleaning up, trying to get those creative juices flowing. I thought in 20 years I will look back through this book and what will I learn about myself so I decided to put down my little indulgences and see if they change. Today I spent the afternoon making cards, I belong to a card group that meets once a month and makes cards (Stamping Up) I enjoy making these cards it is very relaxing but will never replace art. But a little distraction and something different.


  1. Hi happy your back into the groove with your art...

    I really love this piece...


  2. Anonymous8:24 PM

    What a great page, Lee!!

  3. this is truly great! I love the stamping detail on it. Wow! really like this! Youve inspired me to think of my little indulgences too!

  4. HI Lee......looks like you are busy art bee. Smiles! Enjoy! And this one is thumbs up!!!! Love the combination and the colors. Smiles, Anke ;)

  5. Lee, this is beautiful! It feels like a canvas, so deliberate but kind of floating ... I really responded to this! Gorgeous colors and patterns interacting.


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