Monday, March 03, 2008

Odds and Ends

Well this is the card box that I made, I think it turned out okay for the first try. Now I have to get something in it.This is a recipes box that I got in the 1.50 bin at Michael's, I painted it, and did the picture on it, and I am going to put some rubons on it. I don't know what I am going to keep in it yet.
And the last picture is of some background paper that I am making for the art journal that I am keeping. I was busy down in the studio tonight, I am making a 4x9.5 inch journal so I was painting and cutting watercolour paper to get it ready. Painting the paper etc. I had quite a productive night so that makes me happy. It is snowing out as I type. Just when you think spring might be coming our way, mr. winter comes back. Well I have rambled on about nothing for to long dont want to bore you so talk to you all tommorow.


  1. Anonymous3:05 AM

    What a productiv eway to spend a cold snowy day/evening. We have winter around the corner, should get some things going for those long dark evenings here.

    Krissie Message in a bottle blog

  2. I'm never bored when I come here. You sure were busy last night! I guess when it's snowy and cold making art is a good thing to do.

  3. Great Lee ! You are always so creative !


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