Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I feel spring coming on...

I did this on watercolour paper of course with watercolours. I feel spring in the air, new blog page, did you proud I am did it all by myself. Told my boss today about retiring as of April 3 and the weather today is perfect. All is well in my world. I have a puppy barking at me to play with her so I am off might post a little later....


  1. It's the time of your life now....ENJOY retirement and don't look back!!!

    I love your little birds they are adorable...and I also love the "new look" of your blog page....

  2. Hi Lee...

    what a cute watercolour painting...
    and congrats on updating your blog...great work...

    I spend every day working on my art...whether it be a children's book, an editorial illustration, and my paintings...oh and some fun sewing

    When you retire on the 3rd of April I am sure you will have more time to create wonderful things...

    Thanks for popping by and saying hello...

    Have a wonderful day...and so much nicer to have some plus temperatures....


  3. The new look is so pretty. Good job! And your little birds are definitely looking very Spring-like.

    When you retire I hope you enjoy being able to do art all the time. It will be like a whole new world for you.

  4. Beautiful watercolour, enjoy your retirement

  5. I like how your birds look kinda fuzzy. Have fun with puppy!

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Happy Spring my artistic friend!

  7. Well congrats.

    Not Linda

  8. Oh this sounds to the art journey all day.....enjoy having all day to do what you want (I guess after the housework is done ;) ) Smiles, Anke ;)

  9. Ps: Your birds are so cute......

  10. Oh lawsie, I love this. I am SUCH a bird girl, and the plumper and rounder they are, the happier I feel looking at them. GREAT job!


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