Sunday, August 31, 2008

Would you date this guy..

I have been sketching a Picasso look alike but does not really look like the original but good practice. I just used charcoal, I think Picasso used ink.


  1. pretty good I think - it looks a bit like the one here that was Picass on art of the day on the widget.... I tried to get that widget but it kep doing weird things to the blog page so I gave up!!

    How was the anniversary? Did you do anything special?

  2. I think it looks like a Picasso! I love Picasso, of course. It's great, Lee!

  3. Oh Cubismne (Kubismus in german)! I love that style, we did once in school a violine like that and I loved that piece but the school kept it and I haven't got back so far to get it, I don't even know if they still have it.
    PS: No I wouldn't like to date that guy, smiles ;)


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