Monday, September 01, 2008

Dream Car

I have a pretty new car, a Honda Civic and I am happy with it. I got it when it was brand new, my first new car. I went practical, good gas mileage, good resale value. The car I really wanted was a Volkswagan Convertible. My friend Sandy has it, in Pearl with leather seats. When I dirve with her with the top down I am in heaven. But the practical me says you cant drive with the top down when its -40 degrees out. So I made a good choice...Oh by the way the dream car is candy apple red and I am one hot thin looking mama in it. Thats why its a can see yourself anyway you want.


  1. I hope you give in some day and live your dreams. How;s the diet and exercise going? Did you keep your promise to yourself?

  2. I bought a 1990 Honda Civic brand new and I'm still driving it!! I love my little car and it still gets good gas mileage and gets me where I need to go. We recently bought a newer car but I like driving my Honda!!

  3. Hey, who knows...maybe someday you have your red convertable and drive it with a big scarf in -40 degree weather ;) Another fun page, I really enjoyed looking at it, smiles, Anke ;)


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