Monday, February 23, 2009

I am loose are you

I am taking an online FREE Loosen Up - painting course (two weeks) over at Gary Reef Ning site. On side bar you will find the link

I am enjoying it, you paint with the end of your paintbrush and you paint, crayon and you just let the art flow, its not suppose to be perfect, its on newsprint. But I am having fun. You should check it out. Last night I cleaned the studio and purged pictures later on before I go down and mess it up.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    No..i feel tight as a flagpole... ?

    This sounds like a good idea..and your piece looks really free...pretty!!

  2. It's really pretty Lee. Love the colors very bright and cheery and loose!

  3. Sandy9:52 PM

    ...beautiful colors....I love it....glad that you are back and doing what you do best! ...see you tomorrow!

  4. Wow! I must have been away longer than I thought! I love your new blog look and the banner. And your "loose" painting is fantastic! I need something like that.

  5. Just off to check the online course out! thanks for the heads up!

  6. Krissie at winterwood3:04 AM

    just a reply - yes I did go to the gaary site - its good and there is a lot of ideas on things to do... yikes!!!so many things to do and with dh only working 2 days thats all the free time I will have! Are you doing the 3 paintings thing? I cant imagine what I would paint with white??? Looking forward to seeing your responses to the challenges!

  7. Love this one, Lee. Being tight is definitely something I struggle with. I envy your looseness.


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