Monday, February 02, 2009

A rose is a Rose ....

This is a picture of rose that I did in watercolour a while ago, I might have posted it before. I have been busy working on stuff different techniques etc, stuff that is really not postable. I have also been working on my poetry. Did you know I write poetry. I actually surprised myself a couple of years ago and became interested in writing it. I am in the midst of finishing one up and plan on posting it. But other than that the weather is great. I went to Starbucks today and sat and had a hot chocolate and tried to work on the poem. But thats about it.


  1. Go Kelly prompts! Thanks for your comment on my blog, too, about my first ones! She rocks, and I'm so excited -- she's going to be here in Arizona and I'm taking my first workshop EVER from her ... I haven't stopped twitching and grinning since I signed up.

    I think poetry is a natural part of being artistic, really ... I'm not at all surprised you write it, actually! Your posts are always very relaxed and well worded, natural ...

  2. Sandy8:33 AM

    I love your watercolor you did on the canvas, it is very beautiful...this is the one that you now have up and are enjoying right? ...I love your poetry, another amazing talent you possess!

  3. I love your rose and have liked very much what youve written and shown here too! looking forward toreading some more of it here.

  4. I wonder if one of the things you are working on is monotypes??? Is it? I was just curious to see if you tried it yet, and if so, how it is going.


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