Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Process that...

Do you have a process that you do when creating art, poems. Do you do a quick sketch, do you keep a book when a thought comes into your head. Do you have one by your bed so when you wake up with an idea you can write it down, before it is forgotten. I write things down when I think of them, because my menopause mind is not so great anymore at rembering. When writing poems, I dont have a topic in mind, one word might trigger a poem. Put I also like to make a drawing a sketch a fast one, no real details of what I think the poem is about. Then it might or might not make it into my art journal. Depending if I think the poem is worthy, If not it stays in my poem book.


  1. I laughed when I read this post Lee... I am the same! I write great novels/poems and works of art in the night when I cant sleep, and by morning I have even forgotten half of them. I dont keep a notebook by the bed, but maybe I should? My memory isnt what it used to be either..I am suspecting menapause too!

  2. Add me to the menopause club. I never used to have to write things down, now I could use a notebook necklace(not just for my art but for my life). Nice sketch.

  3. Menopause mind!!! I hear you. I used to keep a little idea book by my bed, but stopped -- I sleep like the dead and never could rouse myself to make a note of a good dream or idea ... so I do 'morning pages' (from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way) in my journal, first thing in the morning, and I find so much within that written jabbering. Everything else goes in my journal, too, sketches, poem fragments, art piece ideas, to do lists, grocery lists! Most of my poetry is born from a long-winded journal entry ... I find myself going back to it and culling phrases to feed a poem.

  4. Sandy1:15 PM

    ...ahhh the joys of being a woman....thank goodness for post it notes...and they come in so many nice colors too!!!! rest assured you are not alone sister....and besides having a journal to jot notes or be creative is such a great way to stay in touch with ourselves...looking forward to seeing you in a couple more days..

  5. I have acutally two books I keep my ideas in, one is not just an idea book it kind of became an art journal as well...I do love it! When I do freestyle Collages I usually have a routine, I look for a canvas, put all my Collage stuff on the table, pick the colors and just start....what comes after that I can't say it's always a surprise. But what I say for sure, the table is a big mess after! That is for sure, lol!
    The planned artwork like Gel Medium transfers I make a small sketch on a piece of paper, print out the pictures and try some layouts, reprint some photos bigger and than when I think I have the layout I want, I start with the background.And the rest follows. Even I'm not in Menopause but being pregnant kind of does the same thing to you...you forget quite more than normally. Smiles, Anke ;)


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