Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heres to Summer in all its glory


Well I know I missed the first day of summer, so here's to summer a few days late.  I had a blast making this page, even though I screwed up the text at the end.  But its my visual journal, and mistakes are allowed, even though it bugs me and I will have to fix it.  Today I rode around with the windows, sunglasses on the beach boys on the cd player.  I love summer, even if its to hot, because before long, we will have our long johns  on.  Here's to diet coke, watermelon, bbq and flip flips, or from my generation thongs.  I have various pairs and colours, compliments of the shopper, who has a love for flip flops and thinks her mother should have one to.  Do you have flip flops how many pairs.


  1. I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but I counted my flip flops and I have thirty pairs. Five months out of the year I wear flip flops and the other seven months I wear boots.

  2. one pair and you know how hot it gets here! I cant beleive anyone would have as many pairs as joyce! lol!!!

    Us aussies are minimalists!

  3. Oooh, I love flip flops - that's what we always called them. I have 7 pairs and my new favorites are my Vera Bradley black and white ones. If they'd let me, I'd work in flip flops!

  4. LOVE flip flops! Thanks for popping over and giving me advice on the mirror. I'm going to run with it and have Mr. Mark hang it up today!

  5. I'm the weirdo here....I hate wearing flip-flops! I just don't like that thing between my toes. No matter what, it's uncomfortable. I think they look cute but they're just not for me.

    Love your flip-flop page!!

  6. Anonymous5:13 PM

    i also have a thing for flip flops I have a bout 30 pairs and if I could I would wear them every day all year long but it is too wet here to wear them much after september and before June
    tell your mom I miss and love her vry much
    you all are always in my thoughts and prayers
    love from the coast
    cousin Kathy

  7. agree with janet about the thing between the toe bit... first wear of the season and it gives me a sore toe!


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