Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Snippets of time......

dinner:  no time for cooking hubby picking up Lasagna
spending: devil dog is having surgery, I will not be able to spend for years to come, the vet costs more than my house (lol)
saving:  I have a 50% of coupon for Michael's for June 5, saving it to buy
Tulip paints (that spending does not count because I have a coupon, that is my
theory and I am sticking to it.
watching:  bad TV, Glee was a repeat
reading: old Cloth Paper Scissor Magazines
wearing: my apron, which I constantly wear when in the house, I have been known to forget it was on and wear it out, the shopper was mortified.
art:  working on a new 6x6 trying to work the kinks out and make it cohesive
Well what have you been up to?


  1. Do you know that cloth paper and scissors is almost $20 over here as they charge some sort of extra cost on top to get the mags over here... so I look at it in the shop and never buy one!

    have a great day! whats dog having surgery for?

  2. I love the apron part :D

  3. I too am working on my 6x6. :)

  4. Your art just always makes me smile! I can sympathize with you over the vet's bill. When LuLu was sick I almost fainted at the cost!


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