Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Talk about Swap of all Swaps

Yes that right, the partners have been picked, by the highly technical Janet , by pulling names out of a hat.  They all have been notified.  If you notice at the sidebar I have set up a 6x6 collage with names of all the participants blogs.  You should all take a look at there blogs as they are all so talented.  Only one person did not have a blog, but she still is participating .  I bet you all kicking your butts wishing you could have joined.  Don't worry we are going to do this again, as it is fun....All that is left now is to make the collages and put them in the mail.  When I figure out about flickr they are going to post them them and on their blogs...so keep checking. I have just about finished mine.

This art at top the lite house was I think one of my first pieces of art I created, I think for Inspiration Thursday, and now look at me co hosting a swap ...if you think you cant do it, you can.  Anyone can make art, if you have the passion, that's all you need.

Happy creating



  1. Hi Lee. I got your email about 6X6 and deadline date but no partner name. Could you please send? This will be my first swap in over two years so I'm a little excited.

    Nice to meet you. I'll be back! :)

  2. Thank you soooo much for doing all the emails. And I completely agree with you about making art. Anyone can make art if they really want to. No one said every piece has to be a "Rembrandt"....just do what you like. Your lighthouse is cool. Love the stormy looking sky.


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