Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Navigating thru life

4x6 hardboard, pitt artist pens, hand drawn fish, and
scrapbook paper of a map, colored with sharpies
elements from scrapbook paper

I was thinking yesterday how I navigate through my life, it has many twists and turns.  Many ups and downs.  This is how I came up with this little dittie.  I know my mind works very oddly.  I am quite happy with the way it turned out.  I am going to change the little arrow thingy and the wording, I like the way it looks there, but not how it was done, so I am going to change that today , and I will re post it
with the change done.
Yesterday was my Mothers 82 birthday, I had a little cake and birthday presents, and we celebrated at
the hospital.  But she had some good news she is being released on Thursday....I might actually feel like going into my studio soon.

Well I am off to navigate my way thru my life today so I will see you in July.  Can you believe the month of June is just about done.


  1. Lee, this one makes me smile. I love all the elements in it and I just sat and looked at it for several minutes before reading what you wrote. Keep on navigating! You're doing great!!

    Happy Birthday to your mom, and what good news that she will finally be released from the hospital.

  2. not LInda1:14 PM

    Hope all continues well with your Mom's recovery.


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