Friday, June 11, 2010

A mixed up friday

A sketch done while in the emergency room, does not really look to
much like her, but she was very sad.....

Today was a mixed up day, the weather was mixed up cloudy, cold, rainy, sunny it didn't really know what it wanted to be.  I was mixed up today as well, torn between two places, one I needed to be at the hospital with my mother, and I wanted to be at home doing what needed to be done, so really neither of them got alot of me.  So tomorrow I need to get things done and spend more quality time with my mom in the hospital.  It is a very lonely place when your 82 and your sick. 
Well on a brighter note, its going to be nice tomorrow and we are going to a barbecue at about 5:00 for hubby mothers 80th birthday, all kids (hubby and his sisters are throwing a party),  So I have to get my end of this done in the morning before the hospital, it is part surprise so I am excited.  I think when you reach 80 you should partly like theres no tomorrow.  She is in really great shape and you would not know she is 80.


  1. I had kind of a mixed up day, too. Had things I needed to get done but nothing worked out. How long does your mom have to stay in the hospital? It's so difficult to run back and forth when you have a home and family to take care of, too. I did that with my mom and I was working and both kids were still at home. Not fun!

    But at least you get to party tomorrow! Have fun.

    I like the sad woman in your drawing. You can really see the emotion in her face. Good job!!

  2. Prayers for your Mom. Enjoy your party.

  3. Anonymous3:04 PM

    aw...i'm sorry to hear about your mom being sick...having to 'take care' of things can be so stressful at times...but it's the right thing to do....

    even when your head's not in the right place....I'm happy to see that you're doodling!

    and the previous doodle entry is good too!
    hang in there and enjoy the fun tonight!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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