Saturday, November 03, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

today is all about
deciding what to pack
gathering all my needed documents
getting american money
travel insurance
deciding what to pack for art supplies
deciding what I will do for art when I am there
deciding on shoe wear, most important
deciding on to carry on or not
so many decisions so little time (lol)



  1. Have a great time!

  2. Cool face, and yes she looks as she has a bit too many decissions to make. Love the colors.

  3. If you're like me you'll pack what you won't need and leave behind what you will need! I'm the worst packer ever...maybe that's why I don't like to travel.

  4. I've just had to pack and repack and did that a few times before I actually went then had to unpack there and repack for home and now unpack at home again...what a process!!!

    hope you have a lovely time in phoenix, what ever you decide to take with you!

  5. Love that face with her wonderful colour. Have a great time. x

  6. I love this - she is so beautiful!

  7. Love this!!! Something about that white outlining too that just pulls it all together :D


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