Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mish mash Thursday

The goods were baked
some were consumed
long day
but Christmas baking is done
work shared with wonderful friends
and of course divided up

devil dog on stool
topaze by window
new friendships formed

postcard to be mailed to the UK
dinner and shopping tonight with the shopper
hoping to get most of the Xmas shopping finished
did some in Arizona
nobody getting to much this year
just bought in the last few months
new blinds
new dishwasher
new front door
new water softener
and me a brand new car
so don't need much
maybe some art supplies (lol) which of course I need


  1. yes - we always need art supplies!

  2. sister10:36 AM

    wow no wonder u were tired! th dogssssss so cute...

  3. So many yummies, so little time! Devil Dog and Topaz seem to be best friends. Cute picture of them together at the window.

  4. Wow! You have been busy! Love all the cookies. I'd love to gather with friends and bake cookies again. Such fun! Lovely to see the doggies!

  5. Hi Lee...I'm back among the, in case you wondered. I got some new art supplies from Dick Blick just last week. I have already thought of something else I "need." I'm glad you got some Christmas baking done...good for you! Your art is superb, as always!


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