Friday, November 09, 2012


I dont golf, but I would think about it, if I got to drive those little golf cartsf around.

spent yesterday morning around the pool, wearing my thong bathing suit (lol) not
 I got a little bit of a suntan (in Novemeber) amazing
today we are going to see the Wrigley Mansion
(in honour  of this, I am going to pop in a little piece of gum in my mouth)
today its cloudy,
 in all my years I have come here I have never seen a cloud, it's windy as well,
but its still 65 degrees, and at home its below zero and snowing, so you guess which one I
would rather be at
I keep rubbing it in to hubby  over the phone especially when he has the snow blower out


  1. I hope someone got a picture of you in your thong swim suit!! Sounds like you're having a good time...but 65ยบ doesn't sound like sunbathing weather to me.

  2. A day around the pool sounds great.Here it feels like we're in the pool, it's pouring down and windy on top. Enjoy your days!

  3. fantastic! love your drawing!

  4. love that pic!


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