Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Dance

a collage I created while away
made many collages
my love of collage is back
no more swimming till April
rotator cuff is bad
therapy required
now mall walking in the morning
snow on ground
cold outside
baking day on Wednesday with friends
shortbread cookies
cinammon  buns
Nanimo squares (a canadian thing)
butter tarts
banana bread
do you want to come over
pictures will be posted


  1. Beautiful dancer, I love it. And yes please, it sounds great with all this baking, would love to be there.

  2. welcome back! beautiful artwork! please prepare to send me some baked goods in the mail(kidding - not!)

  3. Love the dancer! And YES!, I want to come over for baking. I like to bake and I also like to eat lots of baked goods. Sounds like fun.

  4. your collage is great! i love the whole cut and paste process of it...i also love nanaimo bars...i am canadian, eh

  5. ginheartart10:53 PM


  6. HI Lee. All the get well wishes your way! Hope it is better soon! And I enjoy your new STYLE.....looking forward to the photos. Enjoy your day, smiles, Anke :)

  7. so impressed you were able to create on vacation. it sounds like it was a fun and action-packed trip, and you still managed to make great art.


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