Friday, November 30, 2012

Ornamental birds

done on a small canvas from the dollar store
black felt pen
red paint
white out
washi tape
gesso for snow
going to make it an ornament
do you think my new background on my blog is to busy?


  1. Love the Dollar Store for small canvases...and your bird ornament is just perfect.

  2. I like your new background. I think the white around the inside post gives nice separation from any potential color problems, not that I've seen any. Yours might be one of the most colorful backgrounds I've seen and it certainly works well with your art.

    Like you, I'm really fond of birds!

  3. great background - totally works.

  4. Love your bird!

  5. I like your background - I recently changed mine! I found this adorable picture of some birds sleeping together and fell in love with it
    happy blogging

  6. love your bird - love your background. How do you get a graphic background like this? I want to experiment myself.


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